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National Library Of NZ

258,000 books, 16,500 rare books, 48,000 maps, 1,600,000 photographs, and more. 

Auckland City

Happenings, what's on, what to see and do. Information on the Auckland City Council, Auckland's environment and economy. 

Famous crimes including sex, white collar. child abuse, murder, political, the unsolved.


Access to the White and Yellow Pages is available here.

NZ Government Online

Provides an overview of NZ and its government, access to government services. 

NZ Education

General information on New Zealand tertiary and secondary education, comments from international students in New Zealand.

Pipers NZ Pages

Over 20,000 NZ entertainment Web site links.

NZ Accommodation

Bed & Breakfasts, Boutique Hotels and Cottages. All pages have photos, tariffs, contact details, property features, local features and policies.

Cross currency rates. Work out how much you will gain by coming to visit NZ!

Kiwi Words & Phrases

An interpretation of some NZ phrases most tourists won't have come across before.

Air New Zealand

Our international airline. Highly recommended.

New Zealand Edge

A new way of thinking about our identity, people, stories, achievements and place in the world.

Auckland Anime Club

Their mission: make New Zealanders more aware of Anime and Manga. Promote it being shown on TV on a more regular basis. Provide people with a means to access Anime and Manga that is not yet commercially available and to generally just have fun.

Nexus BBS

Ex-patriot Kiwis should try Nexus for a BBS (message board) just full of the Kiwi spirit. Most users are stil based in New Zealand so you can get news from home. Anyone and everyone welcome. Topics wide-ranging and varied.