New Zealand In The New Millennium

New Zealand Facts And Figures.

Area:267,847 sq. km (103,416 sq. miles). Total area about one-sixth larger than Great Britain or somewhat less than the State of California. 

Length Of Coastline: 6,880 kilometres (4,300 miles)

Highest Mountain: Mt. Cook, 3,753 metres (12,315 ft.)

Largest Lake: Lake Taupo, 616 sq. km. (238 sq. miles)

Largest Glacier: Tasman Glacier, 30km long, 3km wide (18 miles long and 1.9 miles wide)

Deepest Lake: Lake Manapouri, 462 metres (1,511 ft.)

Climate: Mild and equable. Hours of sunshine equal to those of Italy or Florida. 

Natural Resources: Largely a farming country, New Zealand's principal production and exports are meat, wool, forestry products and dairy produce.

Distances from other countries: New Zealand is 9,600km (6,000 miles) from U.S.A. and nearly 19,200km (12,000 miles) from Great Britain, Distance from Australia is 2,250km (1,400 miles).

Longest Place Name In The World:


(Translation: The brow of the hill where Tamatea, the man with the big knees who slid, climbed and swallowed mountains, to travel the land, played his flute to his loved one). This name is usually shortened to Taumata. 

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